Response to Greens, GVTs Are a Unique Chance for Innovation

Response to Greens, GVTs Are a Unique Chance for Innovation

The Greens recently launched a campaign to remove Group Voting Tickets (GVTs) from the Senate elections. While GVTs may seem strange, they give us a unique chance for innovation that is rarely afforded to modern democracies. To remove it from our election process is tantamount to censorship, and thus reduces the potential good that Government can do, and diminishes the value of our Democracy.

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Change of Name, and Mal Brough Attacks GVTs

This is a simple post to let you know that we're going to change the name from Neutral Voting Bloc to " (Change the System)" and we'll be branding as "Flux". This decision has been made over a number of weeks and is mostly designed to capture our mission better, and to capture attention on the ballot paper. A good proportion of voters only decide who they vote for on the day, and that makes our name very important.

Over the next few weeks we'll be transitioning to the new domain and new membership management software. You don't have to worry though, if you've already put your name down you will still be a member and everything will be carried through. (For those who aren't members you'll continue to receive email)

As you may have heard, minor parties (or more specifically the system of electing them) is under attack. It's no secret that both the Coalition and the Greens are considering teaming up to pass legislation that would prevent minor parties like us from ever getting off the ground. Minor parties form a key backbone in Australian Politics and provide us with an important way to participate in our democracy. This is not reform, it is bullying and the suppression of new ideas and competition.

Time is of the essence. At the next election we have a window of opportunity to prove how productive GVTs can really be, but for that we need to meet our membership goals. Soon, we'll be introducing referral systems, and a new membership portal. However, for the time being please refer friends and family to and we'll let you know when the migration is complete.

This may be the only chance we get to bootstrap off the back of GVTs and upgrade our democracy from the inside. So please, don't keep Flux (NVB) to yourself. Share it with those who value democratic integrity and democratic progress. It has become obvious that our leadership does not, and if we don't pick up the mantle, nobody will.

Thanks for reading, we'll be in touch again soon,
Max Kaye (party leader)

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