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Modern Voting


The NVB uses the latest technology to provide an unparalleled voting experience. Voting takes place transparently and online via the immutable record stored in the premier blockchain. Once a vote is committed it is able to be seen by everyone and can never be changed. Delegative democracy is used as the foundation of a flexible voting system that never takes power away from the people.

Additionally, no permission or constitutional reform is required to get started. All we need is 550 members to register the party with the AEC.

Want to see more, why not check out the client demo, the vote explorer, or run your own client.

True Neutrality


The NVB does not discriminate, and has no policies of its own. Participation is open to every party and every Australian voter. The blockchain provides assurance that no party can manipulate or censor any vote. We understand that long term neutrality is more important than short term policy.

The NVB uses strong legal contracts to ensure elected candidates are unable to disrupt the integrity of the party so your voting entitlements are never taken away.

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The Power of Game Theory

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The NVB uses Economics and Game Theory to exploit the properties of Group Voting Tickets, giving candidates a high probability of being elected with as little as 1% of the primary vote. Many simulations have been done to obtain accurate predictions and these are incredibly encouraging. For example, in NSW, with 1% of the primary vote and 50% participation from other parties the NVB's candidate has an 85% chance of being elected.

Want to understand more? Read Max's blog post on the Senate Preference Hack

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Our Goals

Reach 550 Members this year

Once we reach 550 potential members we can register with the AEC. This needs to be done at least 4 months before the election. The writs could be issued at any time, however, so time is of the essence.

If you're an Australian citizen and on the Electoral Roll and would consider becoming a founding member, please fill out this form.

Contest the 2016 Federal Election

The NVB will need at least one candidate in each of NSW, QLD, WA, SA, and VIC. For various reasons TAS is not as primed as these other states. If you'd consider running as a candidate please become a founding member and hold tight.

Candidates will be selected from NVB members in a democratic fashion. You can become a founding member by filling out this form.

Obtain Local Council Seats

To take on state and federal lower houses requires broad support for the NVB by most Australians. In order to help build participation and acceptance local council seats can help prove the NVB's efficacy on a small scale, as well as providing a broad testing environment for the development of the party.

Members over time - live-ish graph

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